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Express Facial ----------30 Min. $30
This facial is perfect for the person on the go that would like to maintain clean, clear skin. Our estheticians analyze your skin using UV lights to look to the deeper layers of the skin. Cleanse the skin, exfoliate with aromatic steam, and finish with a Moisturizing protection.

Refresher Facial ----------45 Min. $45
This revitalizing facial includes everything in the Express but we add a masque for your skin type and extractions are performed.

Aromatherapy Facial ----------60 Min. $60
Inhale the sweet scents of pure essential oils. Your skin is cleansed, exfoliated under warm steam. A relaxing acupressure facial massage will send you into a peaceful, light slumber as a vitamin-rich creamy masque will help you to de-stress, arms & hands are also cleansed, exfoliated & massaged for a totally unique & refreshing experience.

European Facial ----------60 Min. $60
The latest in skincare technology are blended to purify and nourish your skin leaving it noticeably firmer and more radiant this facial includes cleansing steam exfoliation, extractions, masque & moisturizing. Massage of the face, neck & shoulders will help to relieve stress and tension that can lead to premature aging.

Signature Facial ----------70 Min. $85
This facial combines the European Facial with microdrmabrasion for a heavier exfoliation. The hands are massaged and dipped in paraffin.

Multi-vitamin Power Peel ----------60 Min. $60
For the latest in vitmain repair and hydroxy acid exfoliation, try our multi-vitamin Power Peel. Designed to treat prematurely-aging skin conditions, this treatment includes a non-irritating vitamin power exfoliation and a masque rich in vitamins to noticeably improve skin elasticity, tone and texture. The hands are massaged and dipped in paraffin.

Deep Pore Cleanse ----------60 Min. $60
In this deep pore cleansing treatment the skin is cleansed twice, analyzed and an aggressive exfoliating system is used. The esthetician will then perform two extraction processes. This facial is recommended for troubled skin. The hands are massaged and dipped in paraffin.


Lisa Dunn CPCT, performs all permanent cosmetics here at Serenity, and with 10 years experience in the field it's safe to say she is the best of the best. To schedule with Lisa directly call 801-234-0202 or call our office.
*Each treatment comes with one touch up.

Eye Liner ----------$200
Lips ----------$300
Eye Brows ----------$250

Specialty Treatments

Lash Tint $18, Brow Tint $12, Combined $27
For dramatic looking eyes, try a long lasting tins with incredible results. First the lashes and brows are cleansed. Next, select the tint color of your choice. The tint mixture is allowed to set for 15 minutes then removed. You will see excellent results in minutes.

Perfect Lashes----------40 Min. $25
Enjoy the look of long, luscious and beautiful lashes without the hassle and pain of eye-pinching lash curlers. For those who want perfectly curled lashes all the time this simple procedure will leave you with gorgeous lashes for days to come.


Permanent hair removal includes complimentary consultation.
15 Minute Treatment ---------- $12
30 Minute Treatment ---------- $22
45 Minute Treatment ---------- $32
60 Minute Treatment ---------- $40

Body Wraps

Contour Body Wrap ----------70 Min. $50
The special Mlis Cream (which contains ingredients that penetrate into the connective tissues and break up the toxins which are then carried out via the waste system) is applied to the body. The body is then wrapped in cellophane and a wool blanket for 40 Minutes. This treatment helps the appearance of cellulite, skin tonicity and suppleness. Not to mention it's great for inch loss!!

Salt or Sugar Glow----------60 Min. $50
This treatment is great for getting rid of the dry, dead skin. A salt/sugar scrub is rubbed onto the skin and removed with warm towels. Then a light massage is performed with a body butter to leave your skin soft and supple.

Cellulite Buster ----------30 Min. $45
Series of 10 ----------$400


Back/Shoulder/Neck ----------30 Min. $35
Specialty Massage ----------60 Min. $50, 90 Min. $70
Deep Tissue ----------60 Min. $65, 90 Min. $85
Pregnancy Massage ----------60 Min. $50
Couples Massage ----------60 Min. $100


Full Leg ----------$50+
Half Leg ----------$35+
Brazillian ----------$55+
Bikini ----------$25+
Under Arm ----------$15+
Arms ----------$25+
Back or chest ---------- $35+
Brows (clean up) ---------- $15
Brows (shaping) ---------- $18
Lip ----------$10
Chin ----------$10+
Jaw/Cheeks ----------$15


Technician: Cortney
Womens Cut ----------$35+
Mens Cut ----------$20+
Child Cut ----------$15+
Womens blow dry, style ----------$20+
Deep conditioning ----------$20+
Updo ----------$40+
Mens 1 color ----------$35+
 Each additional color ----------+$5
Womens 1 color ----------$60+
 Each additional color ----------+$5
Full weave ----------$75+
Perm ----------$65+
*Hair cut is $10 off with a chemical treatment

Technician: Kirby

Hand and Foot Care

Express Manicure ----------20 Min. $15
Nails are shaped. Hands are massaged and dipped in paraffin. Nails are then painted.
Spa Manicure ----------45 Min. $25
Includes nail shaping, cuticle treatment, light salt scrub, hand massage, paraffin dip and polish.
Mini Pedicure ----------30 Min. $25
Includes nail shaping, cuticle treatment, salt scrub, foot massage and polish.
Spa Paraffin Pedicure ----------55 Min. $35
Relax in a warm foot bath while your nails are shaped, cuticles are treated, the lower leg and foot are exfoliated, scrubbed, massaged and the foot dipped in paraffin. Finish with polished toes.
Add French Tips ---------- $5


30 Minutes ----------$55
Series of 6 ----------$275
An intensive treatment that allows a jet of fine crystals to be brushed onto the surface of the skin where it deeply exfoliates and improves the appearance of the skin.


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